2012 Retrospect

 DUN DUN DUN. Here it is. I did it. 2012, month by month. It's weird, while I was writing this I realized that last month feels about as long ago as last January. I live in a time warp. The only reason I remember anything is because I blog and can go back in the archive and read what I did every month. Which is why I'm never deleteing any of my blogs ever. It's gonna be so much fun decades from now.

I began 2012 abroad. My grandmother and I flew home from Tenerife on 1/1. I had burgundy red hair for a while, because it went nicely with my tan, but my roots ended up pretty gross so I thought 'screw it', and dyed it black instead. It was only a semi-permanent dye, so soon my hair was dark brown again. Obsessed with Sherlock, got my iPhone, and the badass Tardis case that I've had (without ever even changing once) for 11 months + 1 day now (I've actually finally gotten around and ordered another one, but I won't change before I've had the Tardis for a complete year on 31/1). Got my first JC Litas!

Still super obsessed with Sherlock. Made this badass poster. I think someone borrowed it to put up elsewhere, so if you've seen it somewhere, know I made it! We had a huge project in school, so when I weren't there, I was watching Sherlock or random films. Dyed a crazy ass dip dye at the end of the months.

Big bad BOOM on my lookbook+this blog+my tumblr because of this picture. I don't know the exact number, but I think I ended up gaining maybe around 300 new lb-fans during this month, and since then it was only been growing. I had first pink, then purple hair, and got my third tattoo (IWTB on my left arm).

Basically lived in my creepers, my hair was gross and half blonde almost the whole month (WHY?), and I was at H&M VIP shopping twice. Started to get into grunge fashion. Other than that it appears April was kinda lame. I was obsessed with Firefly for a while. Hanged out with Malvina all of the time and ate Cheesecake at Pronto.

My class held a concert/club night at Debaser in Malmö. Preparing for it caused some of us a bit of mental damage. I had bright blue hair and it was pretty cool. Got obsessed with Castle. And I mean REALLY obsessed. I talked only about school or Castle, and nothing else. Cut a fringe.

Finally got rid of the dip dye, and had a pretty good hair-month. This pic is probably my favourite selfie this year. I had most of June of and just spent time wasting life. It was nice. And it was about around this time my eBay frenzy began to get serious. Began work in the end of the month.

For the past three years July has been work-month. Life is basically work all day, sleep all night. Reached 1000 fans on lookbook! And guess what other life-altering thing that happened? I started watching Once Upon a Time. And it's still slowly eating my soul out.

Two weeks in Mallorca with my family. Spain twice in a year? I don't even know. Obsessing about how Once was slowly killing not only me, but all fairy tales ever told. I had princess hair and time off. Good times.

I turned forever 21. Saw my love Lady Gaga live for the third time. Got two pairs of Jeffrey Campbells: my beloved 8th Street boots and the Lita Spike in gold. I was interviewd on Boutine.com. School, as well as all my darling TV-shows, started again. Got new extensions.

Because of Once I had a Disney princess obsession. Hillevi and I "established" the term Matching Outfit Friday, which basically means what I sounds like: that you have to wear matching, or preferrably the same, clothes on fridays. I started medicating for acne (for the second time) and my face was either super dry or puffy at ALL times. Had a brief time where I had a purple dip dye on my extensions. Halloween.

Got my fourth tattoo (rose on inner arm). The first that lacked meaning and I got for aestetical reasons only. Crazyness in school that brought another dose of mental damage. Bleached two blonde streaks in my hair, and tried to dye them grey, but with little success.

Continued to be mentally damaged by school, but for reasons feeling a tad bit more worthwhile. Got my fifth pair of Jeffrey Campbells: the washed Litas with clear heel. My blonde streaks now almost grey. Went on a skitrip over xmas with my family, but ended up with a cold pretty much the entire time. Spent New Year's in a sequin jumpsuit, so all was good.
I don't know what to tell you. Mostly it's been a good year. I lead a good life. Can't really complain. Except for about Once Upon A Time.


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