Best of 2012 pt.2 - Fashion

1. Dress: Vintage burgundy velvet maxi dress. I've never actually used this out, because the opportunities I get to wear maxidresses are very rare. And this dress is very heavy, which makes it even harder. But never the less, I love it, and someday soon I'm gonna debut it.
2. Jewelry: Small bone choker. Originally a bracelet from ebay that I turned into a necklace and have been wearing most days since.
3. Outerwear: Vintage fluffy jacket with embroidery. I mean, just look at it. Wearing it is like being wrapped in a fluffy, warm and fashionable blanket.
4. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 8th Street boots. This is probably the altogether best buy this year. And most extensive, but you get what you pay for and all that. People still stare at them when I'm in town.
5. Shirt: Fluffy H&M sweater. Just noticed this is beginning to tear from excessive use. Need I say more?
6. Pants: Dr Denim Plenty Jeans. It's like leggings, but it's jeans. Also beginning to tear from being used too much. But I'm totally getting a new pair if these give in. I've never in my life willingly been wearing denim as much as I have since I got these.


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