Strangeness and Charm

Outfit Credits: Monki knitted sweater, Gina Tricot long tank top, Unif Gwen skirt, H&M scarf, ebay jewelry, shoes.
I really don't feel that this outfit is doing the skirt justice. It deserves warm weather, bare legs, a real crop top and Dr Martens. But I have all the odds against me, and I could not NOT wear it, you know. The thing I love most about the skirt is how it falls in the back, and you just can't see that at all when you have to wear a coat over it (which I'm not even doing here, and you still can't see how great it is). I promise you when the weather is better I'll do right by it.


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Postat av: Shaz

I'm excited to see you wear it in warmer weather but the way you styled it here is also good in my opinion.

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