I had completely forgotten about these pictures. They are from our theatre production class earlier this semester, and the scale 1:1 mini-production of The Dance Of Death (by August Strindberg) that we did. Remember when I was so exhausted and barely blogged in early November? This is what I was doing. Nine of my classmates and I built this "apartment" out of paper (I am not even joking) in less than a week, and furnitured it pretty much with only borrowed stuff. For example: the dinner table and chairs belong to my parents and the photos on the livingroom wall are my relatives.
So yeah, this is what I do in school.
(People in the photos are my classmates Hillevi, Anna and Kristoffer.)



Best holiday of all. High-res photos will hopefully be up tomorrow. I started editing, but I'm not finished and I'm to tired now. I'm also working on videos of when I did the hair and make-up for you. I'm really having a ball with this. I wanna be beast attack Belle every day. Hopefully I'll have time to do poisoned/dead Snow White next weekend.



This is mine and Malvina's model we're building for school. It's our black box in scale 1:25 and our scenography concept for the Dance of Death. It's not completely done here, but the general idea is that pretty much everything on stage is made from plexiglass, and are lit up in the edges with LED-strips (so it will look like in the second picture).
Pround to say that the fire place and chairs made of plexiglass is designed/drewn and made by me. Not the wooden chairs though, we only built those, didn't design them.


Malin & Malvina

I've been meaning to tell you about this for a few days, but never got around to it. My friend Malvina and I have a photography/beauty team together, in which we style and take photos of people. We're for hire, but for now we're only available in Malmö. But if you like then you can please like us on facebook, or check out our website! That would be totally awesome. The facebook page has only been up for a little over two days and we already have 100 likes!
Some photos of things we've done together will be up soon!


New Project (sort of)

Photo: Malvina Johansson
Just a sneak peak of what's going on. As you may have seen at the picture diary yesterday, a few days ago Cicci, Malvina and I had a photoshoot. In town. In/by a park. I've actually never done that before. I prefer to stick to the safe grounds of my home. BUT, this location was close to Malvina's apartment, which was necessary for make-up reasons, and I wanted the light stone ground for "background".  It was a really public place, and lots of people passed us and stared. Kudos to Cicci who walked around in that dress+make up and posed without a care in the world!
Really, we did two different kind of shoots that day, and three kinds of pictures. You'll get to see them sometime next week, I think. And you'll probably get what I'm talking about by then as well. Malvina and I have a project together underway, which we plan on "launching" on Monday or early next week. Probably Monday. I feel like I'm jinxing it by saying it, and stuff will come up and we won't do it. But Monday is the plan and so far we're staying clear of interuptions.
And I'm kinda showing you my wedding dress properly for the first time. Isn't it amazing?!


DIY shorts

I don't think I told you before, but I'm working on a project at the moment, where I'm remaking shorts to sell. I'm dying them right now, I have bleached them before. They were all jeans that I cut off. When the paint is dry Lovisa and I are gonna decorate them. They're gonna be Runaway Dreamz inspired. Lovisa is getting a pair for free as payment later, and she is also going to model them, and be my walking advertisement pillar.

I haven't decided if I'm gonna sell them via this blog, or on tradera yet. If you have opinions please let me know.

Either way, I doubt I'll be shipping outside of Europe. Prices are gonna be 300-500SEK+shipping, depending on material and time spent on decoration. At the moment they are all small sizes, because I'm making them from jeans I already had, that I didn't use or didn't fit, but if they sell well, I'll be bying more jeans in different sizes for another set. I am also thinking about making after request. So practically you tell me your size and some idea of what you want and I'll make them for you. But I don't know. We'll see, depending on how it goes with these first ones. But I'd love to know whether you'd be interested or not!


P-huset Anna

This is the final result of the project me and my group from my class has been working on for the past three weeks. The project was to take a place in Malmö, then make an installation of some sort where you interpret this place. My group chose a parking garage called "P-huset Anna", of which the walls were Swedens first legal graffti walls (legalized in 1983). You're allowed to paint graffiti on two of the four sides of the builing, so we decided to build the corner, having both the side which you're allowed to paint on and the side you are not. We made the painting (which is supposed to be a fingerprint) ourselves and also the two dolls standing in front of it. We had sound from spraycans, and various city sounds as well. It turned out pretty awesome and in my group we work really well together. We got good criticism from our teachers as well!


His hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him

This serious dressing up thing I've got going for this project is so much fun. To look like a completely different person in every picture. If you can figure out who I am supposed to be today (or who I was yesterday and the day before, for that matter) you will earn my unmost respect and a virtual cookie.

I've done three pictures now. There's still one more person I want to do, but I can't have four pictures. I simply can't. Four is my unlucky number. It has to be s number that can be devided by three (yes, I am superstitious). I just don't know which two to have for the remaining two yet...

Anyway, this project is going to kick my last ones ass.


He can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart

Teaser numero 2. I originally intended for this to be a "oneshot", but the picture from yesterday turned out so good and so much like the pictures from untitled so I just can't help myself. This is going to be untitled II. It's a little darker, a slightly different theme and less pictures. Going to tell you more about the theme when I've done more pictures.

Am a bit annoyed about the one I just did. I mean it's lovely, really. But there's just no shadows in the face. I wouldn't have minded that much if it weren't for the amazing shadowing on yesterday's picture. That one is much much better than today's. They just don't go alongside each other because today's look so flat opposed to yesterday's. Going to work on it some more now to see what I can do...

Update: Ignore my shadow rant above, I managed to fake it.


We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve

A teaser for my latest shoot. Some clues are that there's a lot of lace and a bit of blood. I've done a lot of research for this one, but it won't show. I just thought I should know some background before I do an interpretation of something.



The complete untitled project, the way it was displayed. You can find it on my website as well.



I haven't got many photos left until I'm finished with my new project, and it wasn't until the other day that I realised I have hardly spoken about it at all on my blog. Now I did tell you a little along with the teasers from Cicci's photoshoot, but I thought I'd be a little more detailed.

Now, as I said, it's a series of portraits. Nine in total, because nine is my lucky number. It will be three of me, three of Cicci and three of Lovisa. I'm done with the ones of Cicci and got two more left of Lovisa and one of me. The one of me am I going to do last, because it's supposed to be sort of a wrap-up of the whole series, so I want to like really finish it all with that. The photos in this post are failed versions of picture nr 6, which I cropped to make you teasers. So far, nr 6 is my favourite, because the styling really came through in the photos and it hardly needed editing, apart from the colours/contrast.

It's so much fun doing this project, because it's different from the ones I've done before. Usually my pictures all look completely different from each other, even if they belong to the same series. But in this one, they all look the same and they're very simple and clean. I've done religious-inspired things before, but never as a theme. My purpose with this is not to provoke, though I can't really escape it. Mixing religious undertones with blood, black eyes and other things that brings a darkness to the pictures, will be found provocative by a lot of people. But there you go. Life , I guess.

I'm so excited, because this is turning out so great! Can't wait to show it to you! Though, as usual, you guys are going to have to wait until after the presentation to see it. I don't want to risk my classmates finding my blog, seeing it all before that. The presentation is on May 11:th, and after that it will be uploaded on!


Blood and tears

I think Cicci only likes me because I splatter fake blood in her face and takes pictures of it. Who doesn't want a friend who does that? No, but seriously, Been doing three of the nine shots for my school project of this term today. Which means I've done five in total and got four left. Got one month+a few days until it's due so there's not really any hurry. I think it's going to be nice. I lot simpler than The Rhyming Game and Death Of A Saleswoman. It's just a series of protraits on a white background. Theme is blasphemy, finding individuality and black eyes with black tears. Note that these picsare just us goofing around and not the actual ones for the project(these aren't even edited, apart from colours and contrast). Anyway, I failed the blood this time, as I ran out of red caramel colour and I didn't want to put syrup in it because it so sticky and I felt bad for Cicci who was having it in her face. So it was a bit thin.

I'm very pleased by my ability to do references to lots of things I like in this project. Like Doctor Who, Lady Gaga, Shakesspeare, fashion, etc. Probably just me and other true fans who get it, but still.

And btw, project is called simply "untitled". No capital U unless it's in the beginning of the sentance or anything. Just untitled.

17 days 'til series 6 of Doctor Who starts.
27 days 'til London.
47 days 'til BORN THIS WAY ALBUM!


My Upcoming Projects

I have written I few times before that I have a new project going on. To be honest I've got two. And I thought it was about time I told you about them.

With the first project I'm choosing between two names: Tighter Than Plastic or Girls On Film. Tighter Than Plastic was the original idea, since the project revolves around fashion photography inspired portraits and the use of cling film. But lately I feel that Girls On Film suits better, since there will be a different girl in every picture (there will be a total of ten or more pictures) and it takes away a bit of the assumption that there is a deeper meaning to the use of cling film, when the only real reason is that I want an uniformity and a plainness in my portrait mixed with a grotesqueness that I like to believe has been something repetitive in my past projects. So it will probably be Girls On Film (after the Duran Duran song, of course). But I don’t know yet.
As said, it will be portraits of different girls, hopefully with a variety of ages and looks, plain backgrounds and cling film in different ways. My inspiration is Vee Speers The Birthday Party (google it, it’s really cool).

The second project am I doing with my old secondary school teacher Spoke (yes, that is his name). It is a calendar, based on a year in the life of our fictional character Maria. So there will be a total of 365 pictures. It’s going to take ages to get it done, but hopefully it will be very fun. For those who wonder what Spoke will be doing with the project, as I am making the pictures, he will be doing pretty much everything apart from that.

The reason I’m doing Tighter Than Plastic/Girls On Film first is because I have to get it out of my head in order to be able to move forward with the calendar. There’s just so much cling film in there that I can’t see anything else. But I’ve got pretty much all ideas for it worked out so I will be getting on with it now. So wish me luck and I will keep you updated!


Death Of A Saleswoman

All pictures from my project Death Of A Saleswoman, along with pictures from The Rhyming Game, the Lady Gaga concert and this blog, are now on display on my new online portfolio at Click on the picture above to go directly to Death Of A Saleswoman, or HERE to come to the start page of the portfolio. Unfortionalty the site is slightly abusing the colours of the photographs, but I've been working my ass of all day to get the layouting right so you damn well better check it out or I will come around your house and stamp on all your toys!



Guess what? I got my book(s). Five days earlier than I planned for. Ordered from Vistaprint, which I highly recomend for photobooks. They have good quality, fast delivery and resonable prices.


It always ends with a Z

Guess what? DOASW is done. Finished. I'll be ordering the first copy of the printed book by the end of this week. So this is the last teasers you are gonna get. They are for T as in Telephone and XYZ.

Still not sure how to present it to you, who don't get to see the book. Don't want to make just a post with the pictures, that'll be no fun. I'll have to think about that one...


It's death, it's blood and it's beautiful

I have always been quite dark. Which is funny, because in real life I don't look very dark. I mean, my hair is platinum blonde, I'm quite pale, I usually wear no make-up and I've got a quite childish face. My darkness mostly shows in my pictures, what I write and sometimes in the way I dress.

I wrote I'd buy a piece of meat to prove a point. I do a bit crazy things sometimes, for my pictures. I'm sure I've written about me getting syrup in my eyes. This is probably the most discusting thing I've done so far. Maybe you think that it's not so bad, it's just a piece of raw chicken filet. But raw meat really grosses me out. I was surprised I could even convince myself to buy it in the first place. It will probably be a while before I will be able to look at raw chicken without feeling slightly weird... And whatever my point really was, is for me to know and you to figure out. (And as for the pictures in the previous post, I did NOT actually bite it, I'm not that gros.)

Lady Gaga wore I meat dress. I would have thrown up if anyone put it on me. But you do what you have to do for your art, if you really are an artist.

This was for the letter K in DOASW. K as in Killer. If you know your Gaga, you'll know that this is inspired by the excorcist/puking film (youtube it).



"In the end, art is really only about how far you are willing to go to prove a point."

teaser for letter K.



Teaser for E as in Entrapment. One of my favourite words actually, but hard to illustrate in the right way.

There's not much left to do on DOASW now, only three more shots, then some layouting and then I'll have it printed. Yeah, I never said, did I, that I'm gonna print it. And thereof I was wondering if there is anyone out there interested in buying it? Please comment if you are. Note that just because you do, it does not mean you HAVE to buy it, I just want to know if there's anyone who's interested. The cost will be about 200 SEK (20€/29$)+shipping costs. It will be another few weeks until it's actually available though. I'm going to order just one copy first to make sure it's how I want it, and then I'll be ordering a bunch, some to give away as x-mas presents and some maybe to sell?

Tomorrow's the Monster Ball. I'm so exticted! Feeling a bit stressed that I have school and can't go queuing all day as I'd like to. But in the long run, I think the Lady herself would appreciate it more if I went to school and worked hard to follow my dreams, rather than standing outside in the cold wasting my time waiting for her when I'm going to get in sooner or later either way. Gonna thank her when I become famous (haha), so I'll think we'd be even.

And btw, I'm being interviewed by a Swedish radio channel (P4) tomorrow about Lady Gaga!


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